ACEL Power adds two high-power electric outboard motors to its lineup – Charged EVs


ACEL Power adds two high-power electric outboard motors to its lineup – Charged EVs

ACEL Power , a startup founded in 2021, has added two offerings to its lineup of electric outboard motors. The introduction of the new IE150 and IE250 models expands the ACEL line to 4 models. The model numbers denote horsepower, so the existing IE50 and IR75 deliver 50 and 75 hp respectively; the IE150 delivers 150 hp (110 kW) and the IE250 delivers 250 hp (185 kW).

All of ACEL’s motors are integrated with proprietary battery packs and battery management system, digital throttle, smart charger, smart key and a centralized computer with touchscreen.

Anthony Liu, CEO and co-founder of ACEL, says the company’s goal is not just bringing electric power to the boating world, but also the digitalization that comes along with it. “The IE150 and IE250 come standard with our ultrafast vehicle-grade CPU and GPU [Graphics Processing Unit],” he says.

The computer system and monitor screen provide essential information such as battery charge levels, available range and RPMs, and also allows different profile settings for different drivers. The GPU also enables over-the-air software updates.

ACEL’s modular battery system allows the modules to be placed in different locations around the boat to optimize balance, weighting and the efficiency of the hull. The IE50 has two modules for a total of 32 kWh of energy storage; the IE75 has three packs for a total of 40 kWh. The IE150 and IE250 use 40 kWh modules that are connected to provide 800 volts.

For charging, the ACEL electric outboards have a standard 120 V 15 A unit that can be plugged into any marina outlet. There are also 240 V options and a DC fast charger available.

Another nifty feature: a built-in rear-view camera with both daylight and night vision capabilities.

Source: Plugboats

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