ABB launches energy-efficient motor and inverter package for electric buses – Charged EVs


ABB launches energy-efficient motor and inverter package for electric buses – Charged EVs

Swedish-Swiss electrical equipment maker ABB has launched a motor and inverter package tailored to electric buses.

The AMXE250 motor and HES580 three-level inverter were developed together to maximize efficiency, offering up to 12% less motor losses on typical drive cycles compared to previous two-level inverters, according to the company. Unlike two-level inverters, which switch between DC+ and DC- voltage levels, the HES580 introduces a third, neutral voltage step. This effectively halves the voltage step during each switching operation, resulting in reduced current ripple and subsequently lower harmonic losses.

The inverter extends the lifespan and enhances the reliability of the AMXE250 motor by mitigating harmonic effects and minimizing stress on motor windings. The AMXE250 is a compact, permanent magnet synchronous motor designed for high-efficiency propulsion. It offers high torque density for improved dynamic performance, as well as a quieter operation for increased passenger comfort.

The HES580 and AMXE250 have been designed to offer flexibility, so they can be placed further away from each other to provide operators with the possibility to further optimize space.

“The motor-inverter package has been designed to work in perfect harmony, and will bring significant energy efficiency gains for operators and OEMs alike,” said David Segbers, Global Product Manager at ABB’s Traction Division.

Source: ABB

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