A couple of kids wrote a science book about Tesla & EVs, by kids and for kids


A couple of kids wrote a science book about Tesla & EVs, by kids and for kids

A new children’s science book about Tesla and EVs, Everything Tesla: From How They Work To How Fast They Go And All The Fun In Between!, launches today, written by twin 9th graders Aiden and Eliana Miao, and targeted at kids between the ages of 8 and 13.

Aiden and Eliana are from Palo Alto, California and spent the last 4 years assembling the impressive tome, which was originally going to be 20 pages long but swelled to over 200 pages as they researched and wanted to add more to the book.

The authors say that they wanted to inspire kids to learn about science and electric cars and to care about the environment. They say that their parents’ Model 3 inspired them to think about climate change, along with wildfires and smoke days that have increasingly become a feature of California summers and autumns as climate change continues to worsen.

For their research, they read and watched a number of EV news sites and Youtube channels, including us here at Electrek (hi kids!). Eliana says they also held meetings with professors and engineers to fact-check their writing over the course of the 4 years of work they put into this book (more than a quarter of their lives working on one book? they’re veritable George R.R. Martins).

After years of writing the book and being met with a significant amount of rejection from adults, Aiden and Eliana found an editor, Alexander Cox, and a designer, Sadie Thomas of LS Design, who helped them turn their idea into a real book.

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The book is exceedingly well-realized (way beyond what we expected when we read their initial pitch email – Stanford, keep an eye out for these kids’ college application when it comes in), with full-page graphics on every page and quite a lot of information.

Everything Tesla largely focuses on Tesla and Tesla-related topics, though a lot of these points are generalizable to other electric cars, like how electric motors work or dispelling battery-related myths, or to related topics, like sections on solar panels and climate change.

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The book as a whole is written in language that is accessible to young audiences, but still has a wealth of information that could probably teach some adults the basics about electric cars. The authors think this might be the first kids’ science book written by kids and for kids. Or at least, they couldn’t find any others in their own search.

While the book is not endorsed by Tesla, it does adopt a very positive view of everything related to the company. We here at Electrek also appreciate Tesla’s leadership in the EV industry, but our praise for the company and particularly its leader might have been a little more moderated than what you’ll read in the book.

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Nevertheless, this is a much more impressive effort than, uh, anything I’ve ever seen a 9th grader do. Kids these days, am I right?

Everything Tesla releases today, is self-published and is available on Amazon in Kindle or hardcover versions, and at Books Inc in Palo Alto. The authors will have a book launch event at Books Inc on March 23rd at 2pm, and are excited to give an author talk next week at their old elementary school, where they attended when they started writing the book. Find out more about the book on its website at https://everythingteslabook.com.

Photo by Max Rabbitt / Courtesy of Lightning Strikes Twice

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