A close look at the new Tesla Model 3 Performance


We get a close look at the new Tesla Model 3 Performance for the first time as it is about to be unveiled.

We have been seeing new Model 3 Performance prototypes for months, and it hasn’t been clear when the vehicle should launched.

Tesla introduced the refreshed Model 3 last summer, and it will soon be a year without new Model 3 Performance.

Lately, there have been a bunch of leaks, including one in Tesla’s own configurator that confirmed a lot of new features for the vehicle.

Now, it looks like Tesla is bringing new Model 3 Performance display units at some select stores in the US and one of our readers sent us a few pictures of one at the Tesla showroom in Santa Monica (pictures via Barbie Acevez):

We can see the new seats inside the Model 3 Performance, which is likely going to be called Model 3 Ludicrous because of the badging.

The new seats were first unveiled on the Model S Plaid.

These look very similar, but it’s the first time we see them in black and they have the Ludicrous badging in the center rather than the Plaid badging in the Model S:


Tesla wrote about the seats in the leak:

All-new seat design with enhanced side and cushion bolsters hold you in place, while ventilation keeps you cool.

The new Model 3 Performance also comes with an updated front lip and a new rear difuser:

We also get a good close look at these new Tesla aerodynamic wheels for the new Model 3 Performance:


It’s not clear when Tesla plans to fully unveil the vehicle, especially its specs and pricing as we have already clearly seen the vehicle, but there are rumors that Tesla might time the release with its earnings results tomorrow.

As previously reported, this new Model 3 Performance is expected to become the fastest accelerating Model 3 ever. While it won’t beat Model S Plaid on that front, it could become the new most popular performance Tesla vehicle as it is much lighter and nimble than the Model S.

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