500 miles touted: EV platform for Dodge muscle cars, Jeep SUVs, more


Stellantis has reaffirmed a claim of 500 miles of range for its STLA dedicated EV platform, set to underpin several future cars, crossovers, and SUVs from the automaker.

STLA Large is one of four dedicated EV platforms announced by Stellantis in 2021, along with STLA Small, Medium, and Frame versions. Stellantis was making the 500-mile range claim then as well. The automaker has now clarified that this applies to sedans, but it hasn’t said whether it’s based on predicted EPA range numbers.

Other details now being confirmed include capability for 400-volt or 800-volt charging, with fast charging at 4.5 kwh per minute with 800-volt hardware. Battery packs will range between 85 kwh and 118 kwh.

STLA Large platform

At the time of the 2021 introduction, Stellantis boasted of nickel-based cells packed in modules, while later versions from 2026 will use a cell-to-pack strategy and further energy density improvements.

Stellantis also boasts of the capability to handle “extreme power,” allowing for 0-62 mph times in the 2.0-second range, with over-the-air (OTA) update capability for the powertrain. Front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, and all-wheel drive configurations are all possible, according to Stellantis.

The automaker also discussed dimensions for the first time, hinting that STLA Large will be used for a variety of models. Overall length ranges 187.6 to 201.8 inches, with wheelbases of 113.0 to 121.1 inches. Overall width for STLA Large-based vehicles will range from 74.7 to 79.9 inches.

STLA Large platform

STLA Large platform

Ground clearance spans from a minimum 5.5 inches to a maximum of 11.3 inches. The maximum ground clearance, along with the ability to accommodate vehicles with tire diameters up to 32.6 inches, hints at off-road applications.

Stellantis plans to launch eight vehicles based on the STLA Large platform between 2024 to 2026, starting in North America with Dodge and Jeep models. Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, and Maserati models will follow. That could include Dodge’s electric muscle car and the recently teased Jeep Wagoneer S. Chrysler’s first EV was initially thought to be a production version of the Airflow crossover concept, but the brand’s boss has also hinted at an electric minivan.

The 2025 Ram 1500 Ramcharger plug-in hybrid pickup truck and its all-electric REV companion, meanwhile, will be built on the different STLA Frame platform. And while Stellantis detailed its mid-size STLA Medium platform last summer, it’s still unclear which U.S.-bound EVs might be built on it.

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