GECI Events announces the India edition of Green Champions

Global Events and Conferences India (GECI) has announced the launch of the India edition of their flagship event, “The Green Champions.” Demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and climate action, the event will be held entirely virtually. It aims to tackle critical sustainability issues while empowering individuals and businesses to make a real difference. This year’s theme is “Innovation for a Healthier Planet: Rewarding Positive Choices.

Almonds Ai, a company specializing in B2B loyalty and channel partner engagement solutions and the creators of Green Loyalty Programs™, has partnered with GECI as the principal sponsor to ensure the event’s success. A major highlight of the event is the Green Loyalty Program, which incentivizes sustainable practices for businesses and rewards consumers for their eco-friendly choices.

The event provides a collaborative platform, connecting business leaders, sustainability advocates, and individuals passionate about creating a healthier planet.

The event will provide attendees with actionable strategies to integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles into their organizations and daily lives. The Green Champions – India Edition fosters a collaborative environment where business leaders, sustainability advocates, and passionate individuals can connect to create a healthier planet.

Key Highlights of Green Champions – India Edition:

  • Practical Insights: Attendees will gain actionable strategies to integrate ESG principles into their organizations and personal lives.
  • Green Loyalty Program™: Businesses are incentivized for sustainable practices while consumers are rewarded for eco-friendly choices.
  • Collaborative Networking: The event connects like-minded individuals, business leaders, and sustainability advocates to drive positive change.

Attendees can expect to gain valuable insights and actionable takeaways to enhance their sustainability journey, whether they are seasoned professionals or just starting.

Abhinav Jain and Apurv Modi, Co-Founders of Almonds Ai, jointly stated, “We are excited to join forces with GECI Events as the Green Rewards and Online Event Platform partner for Green Champions – India Edition and leverage our collective expertise to drive positive change.

The Green Champions – India Edition represents a pivotal step towards a more sustainable future, where we empower businesses and individuals to embrace responsible practices and create a lasting impact on our planet.”