3rd Digital Revolution In Connected Cars

Slogan: Let’s Drive the Future

Date:  13-14 March 2024

Location: Munich Marriott Hotel City West Germany

Here is the website of 3rd DRCC: https://worldbigroup.com/3rd-Digital-Revolution/#supporters

Here it is our official website of World BI: https://worldbigroup.com/

These are the topics which will be discus on the 3rd DRCC Conference Event.

  • Evolution Of Connected Cars: Past, Present, And Future
  • Driving Digitalization To Engage The Modern Customer
  • The Future Of Mobility Will Be Passenger Centric And It Is Quickly Evolving To Be A $1 Trillion Economy
  • Data Privacy And Regulatory Considerations In Connected Cars
  • How Data Can Help Everyone Navigate The Transition To Zero Emissions, Focusing On Governments, Automotive & Energy Industry, And Consumers
  • Entertainment For The Connected Car – What Can We Expect?
  • Generative AI: A Catalyst For Digital Transformation
  • Neurodiversity As A Catalyst For Innovation
  • Urban Development For Intelligent Mobility & Innovation
  • Transport & Vehicle Regulations, Activities Covering Automated & Connected Vehicles, Global Guidelines For ADS & UN Regulations
  • The Rapidly Evolving Landscape Of Human-Machine Interfaces In The Automotive Industry
  • How Customers Respond To The Connect Car Movement
  • Implications Of Cyber Security For Connected Vehicles