2024 Southeast Asia EV Parts Industry Conference will be held in Bangkok, Thailand in January

Global new energy vehicle enterprises, set off a “Southeast Asia plant” boom! Southeast Asia has become a new blue ocean for global new energy vehicle technology research and development and production capacity growth, and in the next 10 years, the overall ASEAN auto market will enter a period of rapid development.

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As the automobile production center in Southeast Asia, Thailand is attracting many global new energy automobile industry chain enterprises in the local layout, in order to seek greater market space and opportunities!

Opening the second growth curve! Southeast Asia, as the world’s fifth largest economy, has a population of nearly 700 million people in the Southeast Asian automotive market, with more and more young people as the representative of the local mainstream users, attracted by the quality of EVs; at the same time,

Southeast Asian countries in recent years to embrace the initiative of the new energy vehicles, the government has introduced relevant industrial and financial support policies, and funding to support the construction of related infrastructure and support! Against this backdrop, the 2024 Southeast Asia Electric Vehicle Components Industry Conference, organized by EV GOVERSEAS, will be held in Bangkok, Thailand, on January 18-19, 2024, to discuss the opportunities for the development of Southeast Asia’s new energy vehicle parts industry.  


1.Southeast Asia & EV Parts Resource Matching Meeting

2.Automotive OEM Purchasing Day

3.EV parts market business visit in three Southeast Asian countries (Vietnam-Thailand-Indonesia)

4.EV Parts & Components Innovative Products Exhibition

Event Core Topics:

1. Southeast Asia EV Market Opportunities and Prospects

2. Investment Analysis and Practice Sharing of EV Parts in Thailand

3. Smart Cockpit and Smart Driving Lead New Growth

4. Development of Electric Drive for Next Generation New Energy Vehicles

5. How to leverage RCEP to develop ASEAN charging market

6. Charging infrastructure quality development program

7. Prospective Technology Breakthrough of EV Power Battery

8. Key Technologies for the Development of All-in-One Electric Drive for New Energy Vehicles

9. 800V High Voltage Platform Technology Analysis

10. Innovation and Development of Intelligent Electric Vehicles in Post-Internet Era

11. Intelligent upgrading application of PACK line in new energy Li-power industry

12. Flat wire motor stator key manufacturing process and mass production equipment solutions

Who Will Attend

EV Companies

Tier 1 Companies
Infrastructure and Charging Companies

Electric drive system Companies

Flat wire motors Companies

Power Battery Companies

Electronic control system Companies

Smart Manufacturing Companies

Laser Welding Companies

Smart Cockpit and Smart Driving Companies

Other EV Parts Companies

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