The 4th China NEV Thermal Management Innovation Summit 2023

Event Background

With the rapid development of China NEVs’ electrification and intelligence, and the strategic promotion of “Carbon Neutrality” and “Carbon Peak” goals, NEVs’ thermal management is embracing many new opportunities and technological advances. As estimated by 2025 the global NEVs’ Thermal Management market will reach 146.0 billion RMB, and China’s forecast is 76.7 billion RMB.

Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, NEVs have the EIC system, and their single-vehicle value of TMS has increased by 3 times. However, the systems’ structure is more complicated with technical challenges such as driving range anxiety, low-temperature driving difficulties, batteries thermal runaway and long charging time. Meanwhile passengers are also look forward to more comfortable, personalized and safer driving experience using less energy.

Thermal management is becoming increasingly important. Safe, comfort, energy-saving, green, low-carbon, cost-effective TMS performance and thermal comfort experience have become the core competitiveness for NEVs brands.

This summit will focus on the latest industry trends and key technologies applications of China NEVs’ integrated thermal management under the “Dual Carbon” background. The conference will discuss the development opportunities and challenges of China NEVs’ thermal management, policies and regulations, safety supervision, systems integration, systems architecture design and optimization, batteries temperatures control and thermal safety, cells’ materials, ultra-low temperature driving, heat pumps, cooling, piping systems, energy management and waste heat recovery, green refrigerants, smart control units, structural space optimization of parts, and innovation of thermal materials, etc. Participants will fully share successful practices and sustainable development paths of highly integrated and smart thermal management systems, and jointly promote the transformation and upgrading of next generation vehicles’ comfortable driving experience for customers.

Event Date/ Location / Organizer

November 16-17, 2023 / Shanghai, China/ ECV International

The summit will be held in-person and online.

Simultaneous interpretation (mutual translation between Chinese and English) is provide.

Hot topics

NEV Thermal Management Policies & Regulations in China and Safety Supervision

Smart and Personalized Cabin Thermal Comfort Experience

Efficient Integrated Full- Vehicles’ Thermal Management System

CO2 Heat Pumps Development

Advanced Automotive Thermal Management Intelligent Integrated Modules

Electric Drive System Thermal Management Technology Solution for 800V EVs

Driving at Cold Temperatures and New Heat Pumps

Eco-Friendly and Energy Saving Green Alternatives — Next-Generation Refrigerants

CTP 3.0— Third-Generation Cell To Pack Module-Free Battery Packs

Lithium-ion Batteries Thermal Runaway and Safety Warning Measures

High Energy Density All-Solid-State Batteries (ASSBs) Technology Development

BMS Energy Storage—Fully Submerged Liquid-Cooled Batteries

800V High-Voltage Ultra-Fast Charging Batteries System

7-in-1 Traction Motor System E-Axle


Associations and R&D Institutes ; Thermal Management Technologies and Insights Advisory Services ; OEMs & Tier 1 Suppliers ; Integrated Thermal Management ; Battery Management Systems ; Electrical Power Systems ; Smart Thermal Control Systems ; Electronics Components Suppliers ; Data-Driven Analysis  ; HVAC and Thermal Comfort ; 3D Simulation and Testing ; Thermal Materials Suppliers ; Sensors and Chips ; Refrigerants ; Thermal Management EV Fluids ; Connection and Sealing ; Chillers ; Heat Pumps ; Electric Compressors ; Smart Thermal Control Valves ; Cooling Water Pumps ; Thermal Evaporation Systems ; Passenger Cabin Comfort

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