Wuling Bingo EV offered 18,015 gadgets in Would possibly, up 9.9% greater than in April.

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Wuling Bingo EV offered 18,015 gadgets in Would possibly, up 9.9% greater than in April.

SGMW reported promoting 18,015 gadgets of the Wuling Bingo EV throughout the date, a month-on-month building up of 9.9%. The cumulative gross sales quantity of the automobile reached 42,154 greater than two months then its forming.

Consistent with the product supervisor of Wuling Bingo, there’s a feminine person bottom for the style, with 68% of the flow patrons being feminine. Moreover, customers elderly 31-40 account for fifty% of the total buyer bottom.

The Wuling Bingo EV was once formally introduced on March 29 in China, and on Would possibly 1, SGMW introduced the supply of 16,383 gadgets in April. Wuling Bingo EV is to be had for 59,800 yuan (8,400 USD).

Parameters of Bingo

The Wuling Bingo EV is supplied with a 17.3 kWh or 31.9 kWh LFP battery, offering a field of 203 kilometers or 333 kilometers, respectively, below China’s Pristine Power Automobile Take a look at Process (CLTC). The cost field for the Wuling Bingo EV is between 59,800 to 83,800 yuan (8,400 to 11,800 USD).

Throughout the cabin, the Wuling Bingo EV includes a twin-screen setup consisting of a 7-inch device panel and a ten.25-inch infotainment hide. Those presentations grant very important data and leisure choices for the motive force and passengers.

The principle competition of Bingo

The BYD Seagull is the principle competitor to the Wuling Bingo EV within the Chinese language marketplace. The BYD Seagull was once introduced in overdue April, with the 305-kilometer field model settingup at 73,800 yuan (10,400 USD). In comparison to the Wuling Bingo EV’s gross sales efficiency, the BYD Seagull offered 14,300 cars in Would possibly.

The alternative competitor is some other style of Wuling, Wuling Hongguang Little EV. Wuling Hongguang Little EV begins at 29,800 yuan (4,200 USD). The cost of the high-end model of the Wuling Hongguang Little EV coincides with that of the Wuling Bingo EV. Due to this fact, Wuling’s prominent vendor is the low-end model of the Hongguang Little EV. Wuling Hongguang Little EV offered 5,586 gadgets in April.

Supply: Wuling; Yiche

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