We wish to trade mindset on riding

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I’m a volunteer youngster motive force medical institution teacher instructing younger drivers how automobiles behave in last instances and how you can be shield at the highway. Beth Osborne’s point of view must be shared to assistance us no longer best trade our laws, however our mindset, on riding a automobile (“Beth Osborne explains how U.S. roads became ‘Dangerous by Design,’ ” “Shift: A Podcast About Mobility,” Would possibly 21).

It’s true that there are not any injuries. We inform unused drivers that injuries are uncommon, wrecks are usual. An clash you’ll be able to’t keep away from, a shatter you’ll be able to.

One fat factor I’ve with Ms. Osborne’s concepts is that no longer all people are living in towns, and having, say, a grocery collect inside of strolling distance isn’t possible for rural and suburban gardens. We aren’t all taking to journey to a town, so suburbs and rural gardens will have to even be incorporated if she desires to believe all highway issues. 

JOHN GRAHAM, Birmingham, Ala.

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