VW exec: Contact controls ‘did a quantity of wear’

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Volkswagen logo CEO Thomas Schäfer promised to construct automobiles more uncomplicated for drivers and passengers to significance, announcing touch-sensitive controls “did a lot of damage” to its courting with shoppers.

Schäfer stated the up to date cabin of the Tiguan crossover displays the logo’s go clear of controls which have been extensively criticized as complicated and tough to function presen using. The Tiguan removes climate-control sliders and haptic steering-wheel buttons.

“We had frustrated customers who shouldn’t be frustrated,” Schäfer advised Autocar. “So we’ve spent a lot of time now — working through really systematically — on what all the functions are that a customer usually touches when using a vehicle.”

He stated the corporate ranked the purposes that consumers significance to aid decide the design and order of buttons, switches and touchscreen controls. And as soon as it figures out a setup that consumers like, it plans to be extra constant, Schäfer stated.

“Once you have it, don’t touch it again,” he stated. “Bloody leave it. Don’t confuse our customers every time a new model comes out and something is completely different. Optimize it. Bring into the future. But don’t change buttons from here to there, to there and here. At Volkswagen, we were always great for sitting in the car and you know where everything is immediately, intuitively.”

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