Volvo weapons for Gen Z with budget-priced electrical crossover

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A 69-kilowatt-hour battery delivers 275 miles within the single-motor model and 265 miles in a dual-motor efficiency variant. The EX30 battery can fee to 80 % from 10 % in 26.5 mins.

Volvo will do business in two battery varieties with other chemistries — the cost-efficient lithium iron phosphate (LFP) and the next energy-dense Nickel manganese cobalt (NMC).

The LFP battery, to be had at the single-motor EX30, delivers as much as 205 miles in keeping with Ecu checking out requirements.
The NMC battery, to be had on each unmarried and twin-motor variants, has a field of as much as 275 miles, in keeping with an  EPA estimate.

Later past, Volvo will deliver extra rugged seems to the EX30 with a Pass Nation variant, tricked out with skidplates, unlit panels at the entrance bumper and trunk lid, and a tiny, hood-mounted Swedish flag.

The EX30 Pass Nation “will probably find its best market in the U.S.,” Flanagan mentioned. “It hits the market sweet spot and is a competitive differentiator.”

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