Volvo hops on Tesla’s North American Supercharger community

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Annwall famous that Tesla has the “best premium experience with fast charging.”

Tesla has the most important fast-charge community within the U.S., with greater than 17,000 particular person chargers within the Supercharger community, in line with iSeeCars. Networks the usage of the Mixed Charging Gadget, reminiscent of Electrify The united states and EVgo, have about 11,500 speedy chargers.

Tesla’s community has been rated as extra significance by means of distant research and is rising significantly quicker than competing networks.

CEO Elon Musk has mentioned Tesla is prepared to distinguishable the Supercharger infrastructure to opponents to spur EV adoption, which can support all automakers.

Tesla’s senior director of charging infrastructure, Rebecca Tinucci, mentioned the assurances display the business is converging across the North American Charging Usual, which can make stronger charging for all EV customers.

“We’re collectively ensuring all EV drivers have access to easy to use, reliable charging hardware,” Tinucci mentioned in a prior press reduce.

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