UAW president trashes Stellantis promise proposal as ‘insult’ to individuals

BE desk

“The contract currently being proposed by Stellantis would deepen the divisions in our workplace, not eliminate them,” Fain stated at the livestream. “Stellantis’ proposals are a slap in the face; they’re an insult to our members’ hard work over the last four years.”

Fain held up a pamphlet titled “Company Proposals 2023 UAW National Negotiations” and browse immediately from it every now and then earlier than tossing it within the rubbish.

“Everything they’re looking for in this document is about concessions,” he stated. “I’m going to file it in its proper place. That’s where it belongs, the trash, because that’s what it is.”

A spokesperson for Stellantis didn’t instantly reply to Fain’s feedback.

Generation Fain has stated the union plans to barter with all 3 corporations immediately, he’s singled out Stellantis on various events.

Later ditching the normal handshake ceremonies to kick off bargaining, Fain blasted Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares for no longer attending a non-public assembly between union and corporate leaders that took playground days then.

He additionally admonished Mark Stewart, the corporate’s North American COO, for allegedly arriving overdue, announcing it was once ironic the corporate is so taken with absenteeism.

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