top 10 ev motor controller manufacturers in india

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ev motor controller manufacturers in india

there were several manufacturers in India involved in producing Electric Vehicle (EV) motor controllers. These components play a crucial role in managing the power and speed of electric motors in electric vehicles. Keep in mind that the landscape may have evolved since then, and it’s advisable to check the latest information for the most current insights. Here’s a detailed overview of some notable EV motor controller manufacturers in India:

1. Delta Electronics India:

  • Overview: Delta Electronics is a global leader in power and thermal management solutions. In India, they are actively involved in providing EV charging infrastructure and components, including motor controllers.
  • Product Focus: Delta offers a range of motor controllers suitable for various types of electric vehicles, ensuring efficient and precise control of electric motors.

2. Mahle Electric Drives India:

  • Overview: Mahle is a well-established player in the automotive industry, and their Electric Drives division focuses on electric propulsion systems, including motor controllers.
  • Product Focus: Mahle Electric Drives offers motor controllers designed for electric two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and small electric vehicles, emphasizing efficiency and reliability.

3. Inmotion Technologies Pvt. Ltd:

  • Overview: Inmotion Technologies is an Indian company specializing in electric propulsion systems for various applications, including electric vehicles.
  • Product Focus: Inmotion Technologies provides motor controllers and associated electronics designed for electric scooters, motorcycles, and other light electric vehicles.

4. Meher Energy Ventures Pvt. Ltd:

  • Overview: Meher Energy Ventures is involved in the design and manufacturing of various components for electric vehicles, including motor controllers.
  • Product Focus: Their motor controllers are engineered for electric two-wheelers, with a focus on enhancing energy efficiency and overall vehicle performance.

5. Trinity Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd:

  • Overview: Trinity Energy Systems is a company dedicated to providing energy storage and electric propulsion solutions, including motor controllers.
  • Product Focus: Trinity offers motor controllers suitable for electric scooters and other light electric vehicles, contributing to the advancement of electric mobility in India.

6. Setco Automotive Ltd:

  • Overview: Setco Automotive is a well-known automotive components manufacturer in India. While traditionally focused on clutches, they have expanded into electric propulsion components.
  • Product Focus: Setco has entered the electric vehicle market with offerings that include motor controllers, showcasing their commitment to evolving automotive technologies.

7. Bharat Fritz Werner Ltd (BFW):

  • Overview: BFW is a prominent player in the machine tool industry, and they have diversified into electric mobility solutions, offering components like motor controllers.
  • Product Focus: BFW’s electric propulsion solutions, including motor controllers, cater to the evolving demands of the electric vehicle market in India.

8. KPIT Technologies Ltd:

  • Overview: KPIT Technologies is a global technology company providing software solutions and engineering services. They have a focus on electric and autonomous vehicle technologies.
  • Product Focus: KPIT offers motor controllers and power electronics solutions for electric and hybrid vehicles, contributing to the development of sustainable transportation.

9. Trontek Electronics Pvt. Ltd:

  • Overview: Trontek Electronics specializes in manufacturing power electronics components, and they have a presence in the electric mobility sector, offering motor controllers.
  • Product Focus: Trontek’s motor controllers are designed to meet the specific requirements of electric two-wheelers, ensuring efficient and reliable operation.

10. Altigreen Propulsion Labs:

  • Overview: Altigreen is a startup focusing on hybrid and electric propulsion solutions. They provide innovative technologies, including motor controllers, for the Indian electric vehicle market.
  • Product Focus: Altigreen’s motor controllers are part of their comprehensive hybridization solutions, aiming to make existing vehicles more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Conclusion: India’s electric vehicle market is rapidly evolving, and several manufacturers are actively contributing to the development and production of crucial components like motor controllers. These companies play a pivotal role in advancing electric mobility in the country, supporting the transition to cleaner and more sustainable transportation solutions. For the latest and most accurate information, it is recommended to check the websites and official channels of these manufacturers.

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