TIMELINE: A take a look at UAW-Detroit 3 negotiations and the looming union clash warning

BE desk

Aug. 1: The UAW items calls for to Stellantis, says the union is looking for motivated advantage will increase from the Detroit 3, together with double-digit pay rises and defined-benefit pensions for all employees.

Aug. 2: The union items pledge calls for to Normal Motors.

Aug. 3: The union items pledge calls for to Ford Motor Co.

Aug. 8: Fain angrily tosses pledge proposals from Stellantis in a trash can, bringing up diverse concessions that the Chrysler father or mother is looking for in exertions talks.

Aug. 25: The UAW says 97% of balloting participants have been in partiality of authorizing a clash on the Detroit 3 if an pledge isn’t reached earlier than Sept. 14.

Aug. 31: The union says it has filed unfair exertions observe fees with the Nationwide Hard work Family members Board (NLRB) towards GM and Stellantis, announcing they’ve refused to cut price in just right religion.

Aug. 31: Ford makes a pledge deal to the UAW, offering hourly staff with 15% assured mixed salary will increase, lumpsum bills and advanced advantages over the year of the pledge.

Sept 6: The UAW says it makes a exertions pledge counterproposal on financial problems to Ford.

Sept. 7: GM makes counteroffer to the UAW that features a 10% salary hike and two spare 3% annual lumpsum bills over 4 years. Fain yells the deal “insulting.”

Sept. 8: Stellantis says it introduced U.S. hourly employees a 14.5% salary hike over 4 years however incorrect lumpsum bills.

Sept. 8: Fain says the UAW union desires a trade in to steer clear of walkouts on the Detroit 3 however expects to walk on clash towards they all if they don’t beef up their pledge deals.

9-11: Stellantis says it plans to build a untouched counteroffer to the UAW next the union made its personal revised deal on Sunday forward of the expiration of the stream four-year exertions trade in Thursday evening.

Sept. 13: The UAW unwanted counteroffers from the automakers and defined plans for moves concentrated on person U.S. auto vegetation in what can be its first-ever occuring together clash towards the Detroit 3.

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