Stellantis names first Unlit advert company of file and it’s female-owned

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The Louisville, Ky., company used to be based in 2006 via the overdue Tierra Kavanaugh Wayne. Its Collab section used to be created in 2020.

TKT used to be amongst 13 Unlit-owned firms selected for the 2021 pilot run of the Nationwide Unlit Provider Construction Program introduced via Stellantis and the Nationwide Trade League, the group based via Booker T. Washington in 1900. The initiative supplies the corporations with coaching and permits for direct interplay with Stellantis leaders, industry professionals and Tier 1 providers.

This system despatched the corporations thru a coaching slate that guided them on subjects reminiscent of emblem founding, managing funds and refining their elevator pitches.

Kimberly Bunton, CEO of TKT Collab, mentioned the provider construction program is the rationale the company landed this chance.

Going thru this system gave the company the facility to interface “with a good number of divisions of Stellantis on behalf of TKT,” Bunton advised journalists Tuesday. “It is probably supplier diversity at its best. Being able to go through a program and to learn the different personalities and cultures of the divisions and the people that we’re working with definitely gave us an edge in being able to craft messaging and creative around the culture of a company and connect it with the Black community collectively.”

TKT is considering opening a Detroit place of job to be nearer to Stellantis, Bunton mentioned.


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