Sony unit pairs with VinFast to creation RIDEVU in-car streaming carrier

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“RIDEVU will offer consumers the opportunity to buy or rent hundreds of feature films and television series from the Sony Pictures library of premium content to stream anytime they want,” mentioned SPE, which is a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Sony Team Corp.

EV maker Tesla Inc. was once a pioneer in providing in-car streaming at the massive tablet-style infotainment display screen that comes usual in all of its cars. Tesla offer products and services corresponding to Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and Disney Plus.

Sony mentioned that RIDEVU will permit multiscreen integration for each vehicle displays and private units. As much as six units can also be worn independently, together with the ones the use of Apple and Android running programs, SPE mentioned. Pricing was once no longer introduced.

“With cars now equipped with the power and connectivity of modern computers, the potential for in-vehicle entertainment and services is virtually limitless,” mentioned Pete Timber, senior vice chairman for virtual gross sales and distribution at SPE.

“As we enter an era of electric and autonomous vehicles, SPE is excited to collaborate with automakers to develop new and innovative consumer services that will transform the entertainment landscape,” Timber mentioned.



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