Rivian’s R2 platform will turnover miniature crossover, pickup

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R1T: Brandnew battery packs are coming for the R1T pickup, the primary car to roll off Rivian’s manufacturing layout in September 2021. The corporate this while will introduce the Max store with as much as 400 miles of length. The large battery is a $16,000 improve over the usual store rated at 270 miles of length.

Rivian additionally plans to do business in a lithium iron phosphate battery store on life cars to save lots of prices, which must be in a position through upcoming while. The LFP chemistry used to be offered this while within the EDV business trucks Rivian makes for Amazon.

Each the EDV trucks and R1 cars included the unutilized in-house Enduro electrical motor this while. Negative major modifications are anticipated for the R1T till the tip of the last decade.

R1S: Like its R1T sibling, the R1S crossover gets unutilized battery packs. The Max store choice this while comes with as much as 390 miles of length. Rivian has additionally mentioned it’ll do business in an LFP battery on its R1 cars upcoming while however has now not supplied specs.

The R1S this summer season won the choice of a dual-motor configuration the usage of Rivian’s Enduro motor in lieu than the dearer outsourced quad-motor choices. Rivian has mentioned efficiency of the dual-motor model is matching to the quad-motor setup. Negative major modifications are anticipated for the R1S till the tip of the last decade.

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