Redesigned 2024 Tacoma fights off midsize competitors with hybrid, fresh trims and tech

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Danny Wilson, speedy hour president of the Toyota Nationwide Broker Advisory Council and a wave member of the council’s product committee, mentioned the Tacoma left-overs a footing stone for the logo.

“On the West Coast, especially, it’s iconic. There are very few Toyota people who don’t have either a Tacoma or a Camry story to tell,” mentioned Wilson, broker fundamental at Wilson Toyota of Ames in Iowa. The Tacoma, he says, “has become a staple for all of us, too. When you own that much of a market, it becomes a drawing point for the brand across the board.”

Because the 3rd of 4 body-on-frame U.S. automobiles to go onto the Jap automaker’s fresh F1 platform, the retooled Tacoma represents a chance for Toyota to scale each the developments and the teachings discovered from the launches of the redesigned Tundra full-size pickup and Sequoia immense SUV. The redesigned 4Runner midsize SUV will whole the circuit for what Toyota yells its 4 Brothers then pace.

As with the Tundra and Sequoia, the most important trade within the redesign is a downsizing of the Tacoma’s powertrain and enhancements to the suspense.

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