Ranger Raptor embodies Ford means of high-margin, cheap variants

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“When you can get scale and engineering efficiencies through a lot of re-use of parts, you can really do a lot of things both from a business perspective and also from a customer perspective, making sure we’re bringing them new and exciting products,” John Emmert, Ford’s common supervisor of North The us vehicles, informed Car Information. “A lot of our enthusiast products create a halo for the rest of the brand.”

The Raptor form began as a skunkworks challenge at the 2010 F-150 that used to be smartly gained by means of shoppers in search of off-road efficiency. Such consumers additionally exist within the midsize pickup section, Ford says, developing a chance to enlarge the Ranger’s buyer bottom and differentiate itself from rival vehicles. The 2024 Ranger would be the first in North The us to deal a Raptor model.

“They’re tapping into a great marketing ploy for extending the Ranger brand to new markets and new buyers,” mentioned Sam Fiorani, vice chairman of car forecasting at AutoForecast Answers. “It doesn’t cost a lot, but it shows up in additional sales and definitely additional profits.”

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