Porsche brings the V-8 again to its ultimate gas-powered Cayenne

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LOS ANGELES — Porsche has put the combustion engine Cayenne at the trail to depart, however first, the automaker is giving the workhorse midsize crossover a midcycle freshening that feels extra like a redesign.

To raise the riding revel in, Porsche has dialed up engine output around the Cayenne lineup.

Day the trade steers clear of thirsty V-8 engines to satisfy ever-tightening emissions rules, Porsche is returning the fat engine to the Cayenne S for the U.S. nearest ditching it just about a decade in the past.

The 2024 Cayenne S swaps its V-6 for a V-8 that makes an supplementary 34 hp and delivers a 0-to-60-mph future of four.4 seconds. Porsche robotically tailored the eight-cylinder to form it “at least as fuel-efficient” because the V-6, mentioned Mike DePetro, product supervisor for Porsche Automobiles North The us.

The V-8 additionally is helping differentiate the S shorten from the bottom Cayenne.

“The V-8 is a very important American need and want in an automobile,” he informed Car Information at the sidelines of a media match right here. “We were losing consideration because we didn’t have a V-8.”

However it took some convincing at Porsche headquarters in Stuttgart.

“We’re a global company, and to have an offer for just our market sometimes doesn’t make sense,” DePetro mentioned. “But there was a business case behind it, so we made it happen.”

DePetro expects the S shorten to account for approximately 30 p.c of Cayenne gross sales.

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