Peugeot hires Renault exec as head of key France marketplace

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Zineb Ghout, lately advertising and marketing director of Renault France, has been named director of Peugeot France.

Ghout will get started in her place in mid-August, changing Christophe Prevost, who will think untouched purposes inside of Stellantis. She is going to report back to Christophe Musy, director of Stellantis France, Peugeot stated Monday.

Ghout will likely be charged with expanding gross sales in France, Musy stated.

“We are now in a daily commercial offensive started a few weeks ago, and Zineb’s expertise will be a new asset for the brand,” he stated in a information leave.

France is Peugeot’s biggest marketplace, and the logo vies with Renault for marketplace proportion.

Peugeot gross sales of passenger automobiles and light-commercial cars fell 16 % in 2022 to 305,064 – for a 16.3 % proportion vs. Renault’s 17.9 % — in a marketplace that declined through 10 %.

Peugeot executives have cited logistics difficulties for the gross sales shed.

Gross sales have persevered to lag the marketplace within the first part of 2023. Peugeot gross sales had been up 2.9 % to 165,948, presen the entire French marketplace used to be up through 13 %. As a repercussion, the logo’s marketplace proportion used to be unwell to fifteen.4 %. In the similar duration, Renault gross sales rose through 13.4 % for a marketplace proportion of 18.4 %.

Logo CEO Linda Jackson stated early this time that Peugeot’s sequence retain used to be “solid.”

Ghout, a graduate of Toulouse Industry College, spent the occasion 13 years at Renault Workforce. Her control positions integrated advertising and marketing director Renault Algeria, advertising and marketing director Spain and Portugal, and nation director, Portugal. She has been head of promoting at Renault France since September 2021.

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