Overheard: Provider areas wish to get curious about colleges

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“I’m very active on numerous advisory committees around the state of Washington. I’m actually on the advisory committee of, I think it’s 10 different programs — either high school or college-level automotive programs. It is critical to be where the talent is; getting your face out there. One of the most important things you can do as a shop is having presence on that advisory committee. I spent 29 years teaching at Clover Park Technical College here in the Lakewood, Washington area. And I can tell you as an instructor, I sent my best students to the people that were on my advisory committee, that were investing in the program we were running there. They got the cream of the crop. It’s really, really important to be part of that. I go to all kinds of trade shows, career fairs and things like that. And I bring an interactive display where these young people can get their hands on things and play with tools and play with different pieces of the car and things like that to get them excited. And I don’t stop at high school; I do elementary school stuff, middle school stuff. We can’t get them involved too early.” — Wayne Bridges, director of technician coaching at Toyota of Puyallup, related Tacoma, Wash., at the “Sunday Night Live” display hosted via Paul Meijer.

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