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Referring to “NHTSA proposes rule requiring seat belt warnings for front and rear passengers,” autonews.com, Aug. 21: The truth that this revealed protection growth, which was once handed in 2012 by way of Congress to journey into impact in 2015 for 2016 model-year automobiles, is solely now being processed is only one instance of tardy protection necessities which were lost sight of by way of earlier administrative leaders who had been in bias of the automobile business over our family street protection.
Michael Brooks of the Heart for Auto Protection is quoted as announcing the timeline “raises more questions about whether the agency is equipped to respond to emerging safety issues in a timely manner.” This observation isn’t honest to the division-leading directors. This is without doubt one of the frustrations that they needed to trade in with for many years — an lack of ability to do their jobs now not by way of selection however by way of manners of decree. 

That is why Ann Carlson, NHTSA important suggest, was once requested to briefly step up and top NHTSA via this transition of having most of these jobs carried out. This seat belt legislation and alternative long-overdue necessities, comparable to updating the Unused Automobile Overview Program ranking gadget to incorporate collision-avoidance era, are in any case being processed. 
The prevailing NHTSA management is transferring our street protection into the twenty first century.

DAVID DeVEAU, Proprietor/top business engineer, DeVco Design & Building, Westfield, Accumulation.
The essayist is an distant transportation protection suggest. DeVco Design & Building is an engineering consultancy.

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