Mercedes-Benz plans electrical passenger van, factory-upfitted RVs

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The electrical midsize minivan will fill a luxurious hollow that the rear-wheel-drive Metris passenger van, quickly to be discontinued, didn’t do, mentioned Jeff Aiosa, proprietor of Mercedes-Benz of Brandnew London in Connecticut.

“When the Metris launched, dealers told Mercedes, ‘You really have to put luxury into it, you have to make it all-wheel drive,'” Aiosa mentioned. “That didn’t happen.”

Even though sellers did neatly with the shipment Metris, “the passenger version was really just a people hauler,” Aiosa mentioned.

Mercedes-Benz is tapping a unique luxurious client section with a portfolio of factory-customized campers. 

Doing extra of the upfitting paintings in-house is a “huge win” for each sellers and consumers, Aiosa mentioned.

“There’s friction in having these vehicles fitted from third parties because of the time it takes,” he mentioned. “The vehicle is sometimes transported directly to the upfitter; sometimes, it comes to us and then goes to an upfitter. So eliminating all that is logistically a real benefit.”

The electrical RV marketplace is most probably a long-term play games. Given lately’s battery era, weight and towing necessities will prohibit the riding space.

Fiorani mentioned the flow marketplace is most probably restricted to rich early adopters.

For electrical RVs to start out, “consumers need to see that the charging infrastructure exists and that these new products have durability and reliability over the longer term,” he mentioned.

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