Lucid CEO says Aston Martin EV tech trade in is just the start

BE desk

Rawlinson mentioned ultimate presen Lucid used to be in talks on licensing and promoting its powertrain generation, however declined to handover main points on timing and doable companions.

Lucid’s preliminary center of attention can be on offering high-performance, ultra-high voltage generation now not appropriate for the mass-market, mirrored within the Aston trade in, Rawlinson mentioned.

Alternatively, he persisted, its trade licensing portions will have to develop as the corporate strikes to extra mass-market fashions.

It plans a type to compete in opposition to Tesla’s mass-market possibility, Style 3, for the second one part of the last decade.

A rising trade supplying generation to others would backup Lucid, which like rival corporations has been suffering with mounting losses, tightening money reserves and a price battle sparked through Tesla.

Lucid’s push to be a provider to alternative carmakers is indistinguishable to that of Croatian electrical sports activities automotive maker Rimac, which has additionally equipped portions to Aston and is operating to handover portions for extra mass-market fashions.

“Do we ever want to make a $25,000 car because that’s what it’s going to take to change the world?” Rawlinson mentioned.

“I’m not sure if we want to be in that business, but licensing our tech to a company that could do that makes more sense.”

Aston and Lucid percentage a usual shareholder in Saudi Arabia’s Crowd Funding Capitaltreasury, however Rawlinson mentioned the Saudi wealth treasure performed negative function within the trade in.

“Aston Martin had options and they chose quite independently what they felt is the best technology available on the planet,” he added.

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