Kunes Auto: Impaired-car gross sales good fortune calls for selection, era, adaptability

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“We’ll use [wholesale vehicle auction operation] Manheim, SmartAuction, ACV Auctions … we use CarOffer,” Kunes stated. CarOffer is CarGurus’ virtual wholesale industry.

“In this day and age where the U.S. vehicle market has become so competitive, we had to make sure that we’re taking advantage of every single channel we possibly could,” he stated.

That expanded acquisition technique, a 90-day write-down coverage and a focal point on car selection are amongst key strikes that experience helped Kunes Auto uphold its sturdy used-vehicle gross sales efficiency.

Kunes Auto bought 17,875 older automobiles in 2022, dwarfing the 9,233 fresh automobiles it bought endmost era, because it completed a used-to-new car gross sales ratio of one.94, neatly forward of the everyday auto store purpose to have a 1:1 ratio.

That’s in line with Automobile Information‘ checklist of the supremacy 100 dealership teams based totally within the U.S., ranked by means of used-vehicle gross sales. Kunes had the fourth-highest used-to-new ratio at the checklist, at the back of Garber Control Team, Cooper Auto Team and Russ Darrow Team. Kunes ranked 3rd within the earlier era’s score, with a ratio of two.02.

The common dealership staff at the checklist bought 1.09 older automobiles for each fresh car, i’m sick from 1.52 in 2021. However the ratio that era tilted upper on account of gross sales of used-car giants CarMax Inc., Carvana Co., Vroom Inc. and Shift Applied sciences Inc., which aren’t a part of the newest checklist.

A fresh, detached checklist of used- vehicle-only shops can also be discovered right here.

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