Invoice Ford balks at UAW ‘enemy’ rhetoric: ‘That’s simply fallacious’

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Ford employs extra UAW individuals and builds extra cars within the U.S. than any alternative automaker — information executives are fast to tout.

“The day that our employees are considered my enemy is the day I’ll retire,” Ford stated. “The head of the UAW may consider us his enemy, but I’ll never consider our employees our enemy.”

Assurances at Ford, Normal Motors and Stellantis expire Sept. 14. The union is predicted to aggressively push for upper wages, higher advantages and extra process protections.

Ford stated he has now not but met with Fain, despite the fact that he speaks “frequently” with Vice President Chuck Browning, who leads the UAW’s Ford segment. He stated he’s positive each side will be capable of succeed in an contract.

“I’ve been part of every negotiations since 1982, and the rhetoric around this time of year always heats up,” Ford stated. “You just have to fight through all that and say, what are the real issues, where is the common ground, and how can we move forward? And I believe we’ll do that.”

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