Hyundai and Kia automotive robbery fallout by means of the numbers

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Hyundai and Kia are underneath force from complaints and regulators upcoming a current of vehicle thefts latter pace. The current used to be induced by means of TikTok video that confirmed how one can hot-wire Hyundai and Kia cars that inadequency an anti-theft instrument.

Right here’s the fallout by means of the numbers:

  • 9 million: Hyundai and Kia cars at the street with out immobilizers
  • 9: Towns suing the automakers
  • 18: Surrounding legal professionals common who’ve petitioned NHTSA to factor a recall of cars with out immobilizers
  • 8: Fatalities similar to stolen Hyundai and Kias with out immobilizers, in line with NHTSA
  • 68: Insurance coverage corporations suing Hyundai and Kia over the cars
  • $200 million: Agreement quantity Hyundai and Kia affirmative this time to pay to shoppers in a class-action lawsuit over the inadequency of immobilizers
  • $600 million: How a lot legal professionals estimate the insurance coverage business will finally end up paying out to affected homeowners
  • $5 billion: How a lot legal professionals estimate a national recall of the Hyundai and Kia cars would price
  • 96: Proportion of cars from alternative producers that integrated immobilizers as usual apparatus by means of 2015
  • 26: Proportion of Hyundai and Kia fashions that integrated immobilizers as usual apparatus by means of 2015
  • 114: The Federal Motor Car protection usual quantity for NHTSA’s rule on “Theft Protection and Rollaway Prevention,” requiring automakers to put in an ignition machine on every car that stops it from establishing or being steerable with out the presence of the important thing.

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