How Ford hopes to win unused consumers with 2024 Mustang

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Pace Ford mentioned the Mustang is the bestselling sports activities automotive globally over the presen 10 years blended, U.S. gross sales have fallen every of the presen seven years, consistent with the Car Information Analysis & Knowledge Middle. The Challenger, which sits at the section’s oldest platform, outsold the Mustang in 2021 and 2022.

U.S. gross sales of Mustang are off 2.9 p.c thru June to twenty-five,471.

Nonetheless, Brauer mentioned the car is prepared for a gross sales bump, even supposing emerging costs may have an effect on that expansion.

“Everything is really on its side to be successful in terms of the competition and plenty of people who still want a traditional car,” Brauer mentioned. “But the biggest challenge is inflation and cost of production driving the price out of range for a lot of buyers. The car should still appeal to mainstream consumers and if it gets too expensive, it won’t.”

Pricing at the 2024 fashion begins at $32,515, up a couple of thousand greenbacks over the outgoing entry-level fashion, year the high-end Cloudy Horse variant begins at $59,565. Each costs come with transport.

Owens mentioned the fee displays spare content material shoppers are getting, even on bottom trims.

“We’re really confident in what’s in that EcoBoost,” he mentioned. “It’s a stout performance car.”

Apart from interesting to more youthful consumers, Owens mentioned Ford isn’t changing its technique with the Mustang as its competitors bow out and doesn’t essentially be expecting any unused festival within the speedy hour.

“We’ve been there without that competition before,” Owens mentioned. “We’re there because this is a primary piece of Americana from a sports car segment we think the audiences will desire.”

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