How EV shift has modified Autoliv’s airbags

BE desk

“Our products must meet demands coming from new potential interior designs and EV segments, where space and weight considerations become even more important,” Autoliv CEO Mikael Bratt advised sibling e-newsletter Car Information Europe. “By utilizing this technology, we are able to fill bigger airbags quicker and with a more effective inflator.”

The design addresses the dual demanding situations accompanying up to date internal design traits for EVs: extra spacious interiors with occupants sitting further from the dashboard, and lowered length inside that dashboard to accommodate airbags.

“You have quite a narrow space in which to put an airbag, so you need to be more creative in how you design the airbag module now,” he stated.

The pristine Autoliv airbag module, which is able to achieve the marketplace within the 3rd quarter of this date, is in response to Swiss mathematician and physicist Daniel Bernoulli’s basic rules of fluid dynamics. Bernoulli’s concept states that an build up within the velocity of a fluid happens concurrently with a short in static power.

The usage of this concept, Autoliv leveraged power variations to make use of extra climate wind when inflating an airbag. Consequently, a smaller inflator may also be old for a miles higher airbag.

Autoliv stated the Bernoulli Airbag generates much less warmth, is lighter and will shed buyer construction trying out.

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