Highlights from the untouched ‘Day-to-day Power’ podcasts, June 20-21

BE desk

Listed here are highlights from the untouched episodes of ‘Day-to-day Power’, Automobile Information’ weekday podcast, June 20-21, hosted by way of Jamie Butters with Kellen Walker.

“The day that our employees are considered my enemy is the day I’ll retire. The head of the UAW may consider us his enemy, but I will never consider our employees our enemy.”–Invoice Ford, govt chair of Ford Motor Co., pushing again towards combative rhetoric from fresh UAW leaders

“As I come into the role, it’s really evolving what Cadillac wants to be in the marketplace and making sure that we meet the customer where the customer is.” John Roth, world vice chairman of Cadillac, who took over the function June 1

“From what we’ve seen so far based on the statements we’ve gotten from some of these companies, I don’t know that it’s even going to match or exceed last year.”–Michael Martinez, Automobile Information reporter, in this generation’s Detroit auto display and statements from organizers that the display will probably be larger and higher than extreme generation’s

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