Highlights from the untouched ‘Day by day Force’ podcasts, July 17-20

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Listed here are highlights from the untouched episodes of ‘Day by day Force’, Automobile Information‘ weekday podcast, July 17-20, hosted via Jamie Butters with Kellen Walker.

“It’s given us permission on the ICE vehicles to make them a little bit more truck-like. So we have a good variance here, I think, as we get into the crossover segments in the future.” — Scott Bell, Chevrolet international vice chairman, who mentioned the sleeker designs of the emblem’s EVs have spread out pristine alternatives for its gasoline-burning fashions, such because the pristine Traverse 
“Shawn Fain isn’t having none of that. He said he doesn’t want to shake the hands of the CEOs until they come to him with a good deal.” — Michael Martinez, Automobile Information reporter, at the UAW president’s determination to forgo the ordinary handshaking ceremonies with Detroit 3 CEOs as word talks start
“The trick for the auto industry to do this is not to discover the material. The material is out there somewhere. It’s to figure out how to take these materials and make them, as we like to say, automotive grade.” — Lindsay Chappell, Automobile Information information writer, at the business affect of extra eco-friendly fabrics, comparable to the ones discovered within the pristine Kia EV9.

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