Highlights from the unedited ‘Day by day Power’ podcasts, July 31- Aug. 2

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Listed here are highlights from the unedited episodes of ‘Day by day Power’, Automobile Information‘ weekday podcast, July 31- Aug. 2, hosted by way of Jamie Butters with Kellen Walker.

“There’s a lot of factors on labor’s side making them more willing to take the risks to go out on strike, which will force the companies back to the table.” — Arthur Wheaton, director of work research at Cornell College, at the UAW’s agreement negotiations with the Detroit 3

“[We’re bringing] the cost from what used to be tens of thousands of dollars, to now, we’re below $1,000. And hopefully we’ll be even cheaper down the road. And then when that happens, it’s a guarantee that more people will use [our lidar], and it’s a guarantee that more vehicles and people are going to benefit from [that] added safety.” — David Li, CEO of Hesai, which has temporarily transform some of the international’s biggest lidar firms 
“As we start commercializing and moving into these other spaces, getting reuse of the same system for many, many different applications gives us the ability to bring those economics into play where they can be favorable.” —  Charlie Freese, govt director of Normal Motors’ hydrogen gas mobile industry

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