Highlights from the unedited ‘Day by day Power’ podcasts, Aug. 28-30

BE desk

Listed below are highlights from the unedited episodes of ‘Day by day Power’, Car Information‘ weekday podcast, Aug. 28-30, hosted through Jamie Butters with Kellen Walker.

“As they see more and more of these vehicles on the road, as they hear their friends and their neighbors talk about just what a great experience it is — the acceleration, the smoothness of the ride, the tech-infused interior — I think they’re going to quickly get over some of those hang-ups they might have, and we’re going to see that adoption just continue to accelerate.” — Brian Collie, senior spouse and managing director of Boston Consulting Staff, on why the company is constructive concerning the age of electrical automobile adoption

“I don’t mean that they will completely go away but that their role would be redefined. Not because they chose to redefine it, but because the competition determined how to redefine this.” — Thilo Koslowski, board member for Arbe and longtime business helper, on why he thinks some primary automakers won’t live on the virtual revolution 

“We’re embedding this culture of sustainability and innovation. Magna has been around for over 65 years, and a really entrepreneurial spirit and innovation is at the heart of who Magna is. And that’s what we’re leveraging.” — Ahmed Elganzouri, Magna Global’s international director of sustainability and effort, at the provider’s brandnew net-zero objectives

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