Highlights from the actual Day-to-day Power podcasts, Might 16-17

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Listed below are highlights from the actual episodes of ‘Day-to-day Power’, Car Information‘ weekday podcast, Might 16-17 hosted by way of Jamie Butters with Kellen Walker.

“We’re getting to this level of hyper-scalability. We’re also realizing that behind the scenes we’re seeing all sorts of movements on capacity. It’s like, ‘Well, wait and see if we need this’ — there’s no more wait-and-see.” — Brendan Jones, CEO of Blink Charging. At the start heard on “Shift: A Podcast About Mobility”

“This is a lot of customers’ introduction to what that ‘Built Ford Tough’ truck brand really means. And it’s the F-150, really, for many global markets.” — Michael Martinez, Car Information reporter overlaying Ford, at the automaker’s redesigned Ranger and untouched Raptor variant

“It’s a consortium of problems [for suppliers]. You’ve got obviously the inflation. If you were a labor-focused supplier and you obviously need a significant amount of labor to get your product out to your Tier 1 or your OEM customers, that’s a problem.” — Michael Robinet, government director of car advisory services and products at S&P World Mobility, on auto providers’ myriad demanding situations on this financial system 

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