Highlights from the actual Day by day Pressure podcasts, Might 1-4

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Listed here are highlights from the actual episodes of ‘Day by day Pressure’, Car Information‘ weekday podcast, Might 1-4, hosted through Jamie Butters with Kellen Walker.

“Frankly, there has been such a flurry of existential crises in the auto industry, this has been off to the side, sort of brewing like a good cup of tea, that car companies are rethinking everything.” — Lindsay Chappell, Car Information writer, at the business’s shift towards carbon neutrality

“I think that the car companies probably need to look at the consumer electronics companies and see how they do it to be effective.” — Mike Ramsey, vp for car and subtle mobility at Gartner, on trade fashions which are converting the business. Initially heard on “Shift: A podcast about mobility”

“It told us kind of what we’ve known for a long time, that internal combustion engines are driving the bulk of the profits [for Ford] and that they’re losing a bunch of money on EVs.” — Michael Martinez, reporter overlaying Ford for Car Information, at the automaker’s first-quarter income document

“We’re very bullish on this segment. We’re very bullish on the price point. We’re very bullish on the differentiation that we see in both the customer, the product proposition, the value proposition between those two. And I think we’re gonna kill it with both of these.” — Steve Majoros, Chevrolet CMO, at the emblem’s heavy hopes for the Trax and the TrailBlazer

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