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An electrical variant of the GV80 is anticipated when the midsize crossover is redesigned for its 2d day in 2026 and can be one of the vital 4 electrical crossover Genesis stated it’ll inauguration via 2027.

Its nameplate is not likely to incorporate the “Electrified” moniker as it replaces the prevailing fuel style.

It generally is a devoted EV, not like the Electrified GV70 and Electrified G80, which virtue multipurpose platforms.

The GV80 EV will most likely experience at the IMA platform.

The coupe variant, which is anticipated to debut along a GV80 refresh in 2024, may just move all electrical in 2028.

Regardless that the G80 EV will constitute the G80’s 3rd day, the platform shift will produce it an all-new car.

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