Former North Carolina Ford dealership worker accused of embezzlement

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Riverside COO Mike Cass stated in an electronic mail to Car Information that the gang couldn’t remark.

“As you can imagine, the legal process is lengthy and until it has been adjudicated, no one from our organization is authorized to comment,” Cass wrote.

Thorn does no longer but have a attorney, in step with the clerk’s administrative center, and Car Information may no longer straight away achieve Thorn.

McFadyen stated the dealership spotted storage locker irregularities and reported it to the sheriff’s segment, prompting an investigation.

“They compared the corporation bank deposit records with the financial books from that specific dealership … and identified that embezzlement occurred over a period between December of 2018 and March of 2023,” McFadyen stated. “She was indicted for three separate counts of embezzlement in excess of $100,000.”

Thorn made her $200,000 bail and used to be exempted Aug. 10, the similar past she used to be arrested, in step with the clerk’s administrative center.

Thorn’s nearest courtroom occasion is ready for the presen of Sept. 26.

A consultant of the clerk’s administrative center stated it will no longer touch upon any imaginable consequences Thorn may face, and shouts to the district lawyer’s administrative center weren’t straight away returned.

McFadyen stated they see embezzlement circumstances incessantly enough quantity within the segment, which is related Marine Corps Breeze Station Cherry Level within the miniature army the town.

“Embezzlements are certainly not unique,” McFadyen stated. “The six-figure ones, the ones over six figures, are more rare, but they do occur.”

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