Ford broker provides $5,000 scholarship to each and every applicant

“If I can help people, it’s my responsibility to do that and especially for my high school,” Bazzy, who didn’t attend school nearest graduating within the Nineteen Seventies, advised the Pittsburgh Submit-Gazette for a tale ultimate future. “To me, it is a disappointment that I cannot do more. In this world today, the need is so great, and when it comes down to trying to set a path from A to B and in between the two points is financial hardship, it’s our job to make sure that we help as many people as we can.”

This week’s recipients come with Jennifer Nguyen, who plans to wait Drexel College in Philadelphia to turn out to be a health care provider’s worker, and Audrey Craycroft, who needs to primary in psychology at Indiana College of Pennsylvania.

“Mr. Bazzy has provided some of our students with an opportunity that they may have not had otherwise,” Metal Valley Fundamental John Strom stated. “His generosity to our students and families is unmatched.”

Bazzy, who used to be commemorated for his philanthropy by means of Ford Motor Co. at its 2023 Salute to Sellers awards, stated he’s no longer anxious the scholarship will draw in too many candidates for him to help they all.

“It’s not because we have so much money,” he stated. “It’s because no matter what it would take, I’d find a way. I’d allocate different money somewhere, do something.”