EVs start to go into Toyota’s wide, increasing lineup

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Magnificent Highlander: The bigger three-row crossover started to appear in U.S. showrooms in the second one part of 2023 and will likely be due for a midcycle freshening in 2027.

Highlander: Toyota’s smaller three-row immense crossover gets a reengineering in 2025.

Venza: The hybrid-only midsize crossover gets a midcycle freshening within the first part of 2024 and a reengineering in 2026.

RAV4: Toyota’s bestselling nameplate gets a freshening this occasion, with styling updates and a few protection and infotainment upgrades for the compact crossover. It’ll be redesigned in 2027.

Corolla Go: Toyota offered its fifth-generation hybrid gadget within the 2023 Corolla Go, which went on sale in July, giving the all-wheel-drive subcompact crossover an too much 25 hp year turning in a 23 p.c spice up in mixed gasoline financial system over the nonhybrid model. The Corolla Go will likely be due for a freshening in 2026.

Crown-based crossover: A square-backed model of Toyota’s low-volume lifted sedan imported from Japan will debut within the U.S. in the second one part of 2024.

Sienna: The redesigned minivan arrived in overdue 2020 and can get a midcycle freshening in 2025, with a reengineering scheduled for 2027.

Crown: The lifted fastback sedan went on sale in overdue 2022 and will likely be due for a midcycle freshening in 2026.

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