E-fuel, biofuel are promising choices

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Future now not recently stylish within the scurry to electrification, e-fuel, or variants at the theme, is most certainly the life of carbon impartial transportation (“How e-fuel could extend the life of ICE vehicles in the electric age,” autonews.com, July 7).

No doubt, current e-fuel analysis is promising. But much more promising has been ordinary analysis into conversion of cellulose into biofuel the use of anaerobic micro organism. The science seems to be there, and the scalability is technically conceivable. So all that remainder is the constancy to build it occur, and because the hindrances to a battery-electric life mount, I believe that constancy is only a subject of past.

PHILIP MOORE, Tucson, Ariz.
The scribbler is a contract journalist who covers industry and generation.

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