Cooperating with Huawei, the 100,000th automobile of the AITO logo rolled off the manufacturing order

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At the night of Would possibly twenty seventh, AITO‘s 100,000th automobile roll-off rite was once held at Seres Liangjiang Subtle Manufacturing unit. Zhang Xinghai, Chairman of Seres Staff, and Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei Terminal BG, attended the commemorative match.

Yu chengdong (Huawei) and Zhang Xinghai (Seres)

Zhang Xinghai stated that AITO finished the manufacturing of 100,000 automobiles in simply 15 months and changed into the fastest-growing pristine power automobile logo. This can be a step forward for AITO from 0 to at least one, and it’s the degree of cross-border trade cooperation between Seres and Huawei Sexual victory. The collaboration between the 2 events will transform increasingly in-depth, bringing extra and higher merchandise to customers and developing extra finest worth.

He stated that Huawei is an crucial integrator of device merchandise within the Seres car trade chain, and the 2 events are in joint design and joint advertising and marketing services and products, “you have me, and I have you.”

AITO vehicles importance many Huawei elements and applied sciences, comparable to electrical motors, digital regulate programs, automobile machines, and clever using.

Because the get started of joint trade cooperation in 2021, Seres Automotive and Huawei have collectively designed the “Smart Car Selection” fashion. The 2 events have introduced numerous AITO fashions: AITO Wenjie M5 EV/EREV and AITO Wenjie M7 EREV.

As of April 2023. AITO has offered 92,485 automobiles, about 80% of which can be EREVs and 20% are BEVs. Wenjie M5 has 66,138 automobiles, and Wenjie M7 has 26,347 vehicles.

Yu Chengdong additionally affirmed the effectiveness of the cooperation with Seres. He stated that AITO reached 100,000 automobiles off the meeting order in 15 months, marking customers’ popularity and consider, and verified the luck of Huawei’s clever automobile fashion. Going forward, AITO will boost up from 1 to N, form the most efficient merchandise and attribute, support client pleasure, and let extra customers make a choice this logo.

Seres and Huawei signed a joint trade deepening cooperation pledge in February this month, pronouncing the habitual trade objective of accomplishing 1 million pristine power automobile manufacturing and gross sales in 2026.

In January this month, Tesla reduced costs, kicking off the associated fee melee amongst pristine power automobile firms. Typical gasoline automobiles adopted up with worth cuts in March and introduced a marketplace protection battle. The flow pristine power automobile trade is amid a “hundred-regiment war.” And chaos. On this status, how must Seres entire the breakout?

Zhang Xinghai stated that Seres would additional support the attribute of operation and innovate the trade fashion, succeed in the endmost value regulate from a strategic top, and support the manufacturing and potency processes. On the identical while, it’ll proceed to do an finest task within the iterative evolution of present fashions, support product enjoy, and lend customers with an cutting edge electrical automobile advance enjoy that exceeds expectancies. It plans to shed a pristine platform this month, in addition to flagship fashions supplied with ingenious automobile full-stack generation answers in this platform.

Zhang Xinghai stated that the pristine power automobile observe is a marathon involving weighty belongings and long-term funding. In the long run, it will have to be a contest between technological innovation and logic. Within the pace few years, Seres has invested greater than 20 billion yuan in pristine power automobiles, and AITO has invested greater than 12 billion yuan in analysis and construction.

In regards to the day construction plan, he introduced the objectives of the Seres medium-term marketing strategy – to transform a prominent Chinese language-style pristine power automobile corporate, and AITO will recreate a marketplace proportion of five million in 10 years. “In the first 20 years of car manufacturing, we have provided car products to more than 5 million users. We will create another 5 million market share in the next ten years.” He stated.

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