Chicago sues Kia, Hyundai over rampant automotive thefts

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Thefts of Kia and Hyundai automobiles have surged around the nation upcoming social media customers uncovered safety flaws, sparking what’s been termed the “Kia Challenge” the place population livestream their larceny. No less than 20 surrounding lawyers within the U.S. have instructed Hyundai and Kia to fortify anti-theft measures, generation Unused York Mayor Eric Adams has blamed social media for corrupting younger population.

Chicago has been in particular withered accident by way of car robbery, which took off throughout the pandemic and added to broader issues over spiraling crime, together with carjackings.

Greater than 19,000 automobiles were stolen in Chicago this while, double closing while’s determine and thrice greater than in 2019. Some 8,350 Kia and Hyundai automobiles have been stolen in the second one part of 2022 in Chicago, from simply 500 within the first six months of the while, in step with town.

“A citywide and nationwide crime spree around automobile theft has been unfolding right before our eyes,” Johnson, who’s been in energy for simply over 100 days, mentioned in a observation.

Failure to do business in with violence is among the primary causes former Mayor Lori Lightfoot misplaced her process this while. She was once the primary mayor to lose a re-election bid since 1983.

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