Catalytic converter robbery is emerging. Right here’s how Canadian sellers are combating again

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Sellers throughout Canada are taking measures to fight robbery, whether or not it’s locking buyer vehicles inside of at night time, strategically parking cars to discourage catalytic-converter robbery or putting in pricey digicam programs to help safety group of workers.

On the Scottsville Team, which owns 3 shops in Purple Deer, Alta., and one in Cranbrook, B.C., Broker Main Garrett Scott mentioned robbery was once a $75,000-a-year sickness till his pristine safety protocols had been in playground.

Over the pace 5 years, Scott has been putting in in all his Purple Deer a lot a high-tech digicam device that detects movement and directs the ensuing video to a safety safeguard stationed in a automotive. The device permits the safeguard to disregard inconsequential movement, reminiscent of a fluttering buying groceries bag, but additionally permits the safeguard to force temporarily to the scene will have to an fresh interloper be detected.

“The cameras themselves were not an effective deterrent,” Scott mentioned. “But since our security guard had that kind of tool, we have had very few incidents.”

Scott estimated that the device value $500,000 via the month it was once entire.

Incidents were few, he mentioned, limited to occasional smash-and-grab thefts from buyer cars. “We spend good money on security,” Scott mentioned, “so it’s paying off.”

A chief loss was once gasoline, he mentioned. “They would lay under a vehicle, drill a hole in the tank and then leave.”

When faced, he mentioned, trespassers have attempted all varieties of excuses, reminiscent of being an worker making an attempt to paintings next hours or looking to persuade the safety safeguard that they themselves are appearing safety tasks.


At Crosby Car Team, which owns 4 dealerships in southern Ontario, catalytic-converter thefts were a sickness, mentioned Broker Main Michael Crosby. He estimates that over 4 years, he has misplaced $50,000 to $60,000 to converter thieves.

“It’s been going back probably four or five years,” he mentioned. “It’s certainly not anything that’s new. It’s escalated in the last two or three years.”

Insurance coverage corporations are sounding the alarm. In June, Allstate Insurance coverage Co. of Canada reported that during 2022, claims greater 60 in keeping with cent over 2021 and had been up 1,710 in keeping with cent since 2018. In Winnipeg, police reported 351 thefts in April 2022 lonely, month Calgary police reported 3,174 thefts from January to November of 2022.

It’s a sickness that has captured the eye of the Motor Automobile Shops of Ontario, which is making suggestions to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

“Damaged cars needing repairs and the resultant higher insurance premiums are becoming major problems for new-car retailers,” mentioned Frank Notte, director of presidency members of the family on the Motor Automobile Shops. “We believe that working together with government, law enforcement and other auto sector stakeholders can put an end to this costly crime that affects everyone.”

Catalytic converters are in call for for the reason that valuable metals inside of — palladium, platinum and rhodium — are decent.


Steps that Crosby has taken to backup mitigate the chance come with beefing up safety patrols. And for the reason that cars maximum incessantly strike are vehicles and SUVs which can be more uncomplicated to slip underneath, he’ll landscape sedans on every aspect of the ones cars to a minimum of create get right of entry to harder.

Audis are probably the most theft-resistant, Crosby mentioned, as they usually have underchassis covers that create it tough to get to the catalytic converter. Except for Audi of Kitchener-Waterloo, he operates Crosby Volkswagen in Kitchener, Volkswagen Waterloo in Waterloo and Listowel Honda in Listowel.

Crosby estimates the price of changing a converter begins with the cost of the converter itself, starting from about $800 to $1,500, no longer together with labour. However for the reason that thieves aren’t precisely meticulous, he mentioned, there’s incessantly peripheral harm that calls for restore or portions alternative.

Life it’s a large plenty sickness when it hits his stock, Crosby is cautious to safeguard that his shoppers aren’t focused when their vehicles are in in a single day for provider. The ones cars are parked inside of.

“It’s just not the kind of news you want to be sharing with customers,” he mentioned.

The worst statuses, he mentioned, took place all over the COVID-19 pandemic, when he would have a pristine automotive able to promote however after found out it wanted a catalytic converter, which was once once in a while back-ordered for months.

Upkeep have grow to be faster since portions provides have begun to stabilize for the reason that pandemic, Crosby mentioned.

He thinks that as stock ranges start to normalize, the thefts may just develop.

“It could become a larger issue as more vehicles become available and dealers have more sitting on their lot,” he mentioned.

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