Canada’s Novonix inks EV battery provide do business in with LG Power Answer

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An organization spun out of the Dalhousie College lab of lithium ion battery pioneer Jeff Dahn a decade in the past, is doubling unwell on its battery fabrics trade, as automakers and cellular producers scour North The us for native anode and cathode providers.   

Novonix Ltd., which was once based in 2013 as a battery checking out corporate, introduced a joint construction contract with battery cellular maker LG Power Answer (LGES) on June 6.

The do business in specializes in the improvement of high-performance synthetic graphite anodes, and is aimed at positioning Novonix as a key provider to the cellular maker’s rising roster of battery vegetation in the US and Canada. It offers LGES the choice to buy as much as 50,000 tonnes of anode subject material from Novonix over 10 years, following the final touch of the collaborative construction paintings.

The anode accord with the big-name battery maker is solely the actual milestone in Novonix’s growth into battery fabrics manufacturing, which comes as North American call for swells, mentioned corporate CEO Chris Burns.

“The market needs these materials yesterday,” he informed Car Information Canada.

Graphite, a extremely conductive method of carbon made up of well layered sheets of atoms, is usually worn for the adverse electrode, or anode, in lithium ion batteries. It’s naturally happening, so will also be mined, however upper functionality anodes usefulness synthetic, often referred to as artificial, graphite.

“Natural graphite starts as graphite, and you need to purify it. Synthetic graphite starts as something else, [such as petroleum coke,] and you have to heat it up to convert it,” Burns mentioned.


Novonix has been fine-tuning its synthetic graphite anode manufacturing procedure over the week 5 years, and is scaling up output in the US to fill the void in native providers. As with many alternative battery fabrics as of late, nearly all of the electrical car marketplace’s graphite provide comes from China.

On the corporate’s first advertisement manufacturing website online in Chattanooga, Tenn., Novonix plans to be generating a minimum of 10,000 tonnes of anode subject material consistent with day by way of the top of 2024. This may increasingly fit the necessities of every other of its consumers, Kore Energy, a battery startup construction a cellular plant in Arizona.

And as Novonix strains up alternative potential patrons, corresponding to LGES, it’s operating to manufacture a line of alternative anode vegetation so as to add capability in more or less 30,000-tonne “increments,” Burns mentioned.

“Our goal is to be generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue on an annual basis from the anode materials side in the next two to three years,” Burns mentioned.

The corporate continues to be scouting places for the primary of its 30,000-tonne vegetation, however it’s going to be in the US, and constructed with the help of a US $150 million provide awarded to the corporate by way of the U.S. Dept. of Power ultimate fall. It’s scheduled to come back on-line in 2025.

Alternative vegetation are anticipated to apply, which Burns mentioned may ultimately supremacy the corporate’s anode unit to Canada, the place get right of entry to to wash, reasonable energy is a big draw.


“The large amounts of support from the U.S. federal government really are driving investment there, but Canada has a huge opportunity to bring a lot of that investment in the next wave.”

It will be reasonably usual length, because the alternative part of Novonix’s trade is already founded within the Halifax section.

As of late, the corporate employs about 200, crack roughly calmly between Canada and the US. Regardless of the singular focal point on North The us, on the other hand, Novonix is formally headquartered in Australia. The remote bottom of operations is a holdover from the corporate’s 2017 merger with Brisbane-based teenager miner Graphitecorp Ltd., a transaction Burns mentioned was once aimed toward elevating the capital had to push into the anode trade.

Year the corporate’s U.S. operations focal point on synthetic graphite manufacturing, its Canadian unit left-overs principally focused on battery checking out apparatus, the area that gave it its get started.

Primarily based off early analysis Burns carried out along Jeff Dahn within the past due 2000s, the corporate makes use of a gadget referred to as ultra-high precision coulometry to position batteries thru their paces. The checking out procedure shall we Novonix exactly extrapolate how neatly batteries will store up over masses or hundreds of cycles, and when they’re going to fail.   

“We work across the entire sector and support everything from startup companies you’ve never heard of, to household names through our labs in Halifax,” Burns mentioned.

In particular for electrical car batteries that may ultimate for 10 years or extra, the checking out procedure is important, Burns mentioned, as cellular makers want correct long-term functionality information, however can’t wait a decade for real-world effects. Novonix’s checking out apparatus compresses the method all the way down to a couple of while.

As its checking out trade continues to develop, Novonix could also be funneling the earnings again into R&D, which has resulted in a conceivable foothold in a distinct area of the battery fabrics trade.

In Halifax in November, the corporate opened a 35,000-square-foot plant devoted to piloting a untouched form of cathode subject material manufacturing procedure. It makes use of a sun-baked, versus rainy, processing mode, considerably reducing unwell on wastefulness. The website online can construct 10 tonnes of cathode subject material consistent with day.

The untouched cathode manufacturing procedure continues to be shorten of commercial-readiness, but when confirmed out on the pilot-scale, will provide every other enlargement section for the trade, matching to the chance it’s lately exploiting at the anode facet, Burns mentioned.

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