Bosch launches manufacturing of gas cellular energy modules for Nikola vans

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Future hydrogen-powered automobiles account for a minuscule fraction of automobiles in manufacturing, Bosch anticipates speedy expansion within the coming years. The corporate mentioned it plans to take a position about 2.5 billion € ($2.75 billion) on hydrogen tech between 2021 and 2026, up from its earlier goal of spending 1.5 billion € between 2021 and 2024.

That generation additionally comprises investments in hydrogen electrolyzers, which crack aqua into hydrogen and oxygen. Bosch mentioned it’ll manufacture 1.25-megawatt prototypes of its electrolyzers for pilot methods and anticipates manufacturing starting in 2025.

It additionally plans to creation a hydrogen engine by way of 2024, and mentioned it already has 4 orders. The corporate “expects six-figure unit volumes by 2030,” Bosch mentioned in a information loose.

“A hydrogen engine can do everything a diesel engine does, but on top of that, it is carbon neutral,” Heyn mentioned. “It also allows a fast and cost-effective entry into hydrogen-based mobility.”

The fuel-cell energy module Bosch is making for Nikola is a part of an ongoing courting.

The firms reached an word in 2021 that Bosch would provide energy modules and alternative hydrogen-related parts to Nikola by way of 2023. Bosch is an important investor in Nikola, even though it lowered its stake within the corporate in 2020.

Bosch ranks Disagree. 1 on Car Information’ 2023 record of the arena’s govern providers, with annual portions gross sales to automakers of $50.46 billion in 2022.

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