Automotive Professionals Automobile Workforce buys Los Angeles BMW and Miniature dealerships

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Automotive Professionals utmost purchased a dealership in November 2019, Phillips stated, when the crowd bought a Honda pack in Southern California. Automotive Professionals were taking a look to develop, he stated.

“We wanted to be very, very strategic about our next acquisition,” Phillips stated. “We passed on a lot of deals. It had to be the right OEM, the right location and the right size store. All of our dealerships are high-volume dealerships and that’s what we’re good at running. It had to be either a dealership that was high volume or had the potential to be high volume.”

In December, Automotive Professionals offered a Volkswagen dealership, additionally in Southern California.

Kerrigan Advisors, a sell-side company in Lean Village, Nev., represented the Alexander society within the Los Angeles transaction, Phillips stated.

Automotive Professionals, of Renton, Wash., ranks Disagree. 45 on Automobile Informationchecklist of the lead 150 dealership teams primarily based within the U.S., retailing 17,936 untouched automobiles in 2022.

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